Swift Help
after a Wreck

If you were hurt in a serious vehicle crash, those early moments after the shock are crucial.

Of course, you should first make sure to get the medical attention you need to recover physically.

As soon as you can, you’ll also want an attorney who moves fast to make sure you recover what you need financially.

When you suffer injuries in a wreck, attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. moves aggressively to investigate. He gathers statements from police and other information from the scene – quickly.

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Strength on Your Side

Insurance companies will always have their lawyers. You need one, too.

The main goal for insurance companies is protecting their profits, not making sure you get everything you deserve.

They may try to pressure you into accepting a fast settlement, but don’t sign anything before Joel Cunningham Jr. reviews your case.

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What to Do Right After a Collision

Those early moments count, so make sure to follow these steps:

  • First, get medical help.
  • Call the police.
  • Take photos of the scene.
  • If it’s safe, move your vehicle out of traffic lanes.
  • Collect names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who witnessed the wreck.
  • Gather insurance, license plate and contact information from other drivers.
  • Don’t talk about being at fault.
  • Be wary of any attorney or medical provider who contacts you unsolicited.
  • Don’t sign quick settlement offers from insurance companies.
  • Seek out an experienced attorney.

What We Do For you

Attorney Joel Cunningham Jr. has more than 20 years of experience with personal injury litigation.

He has represented many people after motorcycle wrecks. He has represented families in wrongful death cases.

While you focus on recovering, he’ll take care of everything else:

  • Investigating your wreck.
  • Documenting your injuries.
  • Gathering evidence from experts.
  • Talking with the insurance company.
  • Talking to all the parties to the crash.
  • Taking legal action against other drivers.
  • Keeping you informed of progress in  your case.
  • Taking your case to court, if needed.
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Get Support After a Trauma

Getting hurt in a vehicle collision is one of the most jarring experiences you can have.

It’s easy to get frustrated and angry.

It’s hard to focus on fighting an insurance company when you’re disoriented after a wreck, but you have to make sure the insurance company does right by you.

In a time like this, you need support.

At Cunningham Law Group, caring attention is the hallmark of everything we do.

Unlike some out-of-town firms that treat you like a case file, we’ll listen to you and pay attention to your individual needs.

If your injuries mean you’ll be out of work for a while, we can also help you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits.

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